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Wheel the People Pedicab Tours of Washington, DC can help make your brief visit a memorable one.  Relax on our personalized pedicab sightseeing tours that focus on the design of the memorials on the National Mall, around Downtown, DC, and on top of Capitol Hill.



Two guests enjoy a pedicab tour near the Washington Monument.

Memorials Tour on the National Mall

Our most requested tour focuses on the national memorials on the west half of the National Mall.  Stops on this tour include the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the FDR and MLK Memorials, the Korean & Vietnam war veterans memorials, and the Jefferson Memorial, and the White House.  This sightseeing tour typically lasts from 2 to 4 hours, is personalized to your interests, and you and yours will remember the memorials you experience on this tour for the rest of your lives.

A guest and her dog enjoy a pedicab tour past the U.S. Capitol building.

Capitol Hill Tour

There are many tours of the National Mall on offer, but were you aware there is an entirely different set of historic buildings & memorials to see up on top of Capitol Hill? Besides the Supreme Court, the Congressional office buildings, the Marine Corps barracks, and the Capitol itself, you will gain a close view of incredible architecture, and an established residential neighborhood up there.  This tour generally lasts 2 to 2.5 hours, depending on stops, begins at Eastern Market metro station, and ends at Union Station, a historic railroad station and metro station.

A family on a pedicab tour of Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

Presidential Inaugural Tour of Pennsylvania Avenue

You will enjoy a series of one remarkable building and memorial after another as we tour the pathway newly inaugurated Presidents walk along Pennsylvania Avenue NW.  We will also tour the east half of the National Mall during this tour where there are striking views of the west side of the US Capitol, and of the Smithsonian Museums.  This tour is best enjoyed in the hours leading up to sunset, when the sun reflects off of the Capitol. This tour lasts 1.5 to 2 hours or so, and can begin and end at either the vicinity of the US Capitol, or the White House.



Question: “What is a pedicab tour?


Are you licensed & insured?

Answer: An eclectic, entertaining and personalized sightseeing experience aboard a pedicab or passenger tricycle. It's perhaps the most memorable way to tour Washington, DC. We have a decade of expertise in creating entertaining and educational guided pedicab tours.  We are committed to quality, not quantity.

  • Begin & end your tour anywhere in downtown DC, or on the National Mall.

  • Tour at your speed, & on your schedule with as many or as few stops as you wish.

  • We can help you extend your mobility if you have trouble walking long distances.

  • Kick back under the cool shade of our canopies.

  • We welcome persons with disabilities, & their service animals, companion dogs, families, singles, couples, and travel groups.

Wheel The People Pedicab Tours has tour guide business licensure issued by the District of Columbia (license # TGL40000594) We are additionally authorized (permit # 2024 PC-004) by the National Park Service to conduct pedicab tours on the National Mall. We safeguard our client guests with liability insurance including $2,000,000.00 in general aggregate limits.  Our certificate of insurance could be made available to our clients for inspection at the time of a tour reservation.​

Question: “Can we all fit in one pedicab? Or two pedicabs?”

Answer: How many are in your group? Use this chart below, or call us.

  • 1 adult: 1 pedicab with lots of room for backpacks, or small luggage, or a dog

  • 1 adult & 1 small child = 1 adult (small child rides free): 1 pedicab 

  • 1 adult & 2 small children = 2 adults: 1 pedicab 

  • 1 adult & 3 small children = 2 adults: 1 pedicab

  • 2 adults: 1 pedicab with plenty of room to spare in most cases. 

  • 2 adults & 1 small child or dog = 2 adults (small child or dog rides free): 1 pedicab

  • 2 adults & 2 small children = 3 adults: 1 pedicab.

  • 2 adults & 3 small children = 3 adults: 1 pedicab.

  • 3 adults: 1 pedicab, typically, even for larger folks, as my pedicab is one of the biggest in DC! (see my photos)

  • 3 adults & 1 small childon lap = 3 adults: 1 pedicab, typically 

  • 3 adults & 2 small children on laps: 1 pedicab sometimes; call me.

  • 3 adults & 3 small children: sometimes; 1 pedicab sometimes; call me.

  • 4 or more adults: almost always 2 pedicabs, unless they are extra small adults.

  • 4 or more adults & children too: always 2 or more pedicabs.

  • Older children, pre-teens, & teens count as one guest for tour fees.

  • Small children (under 50 lbs) can fit/sit on the lap of an adult.

Question: “Walking is a challenge, can you accommodate disabled folks?

Answer: Yes!

  • We bring you significantly closer to the memorials than a bus or car.  

  • Each of the memorials are accessible to persons with disabilities.

  • Our pedicabs have a low, curbside boarding height, & handrail for easy boarding.

  • Unlike a high bus, there is no flight of steps to climb.

  • We can provide door through door personal escorting. 

  • We can personally guide you to the elevators at memorials.

  • With advance notice, we can accommodate 1 folding walker or wheelchair.

  • We can bring along a folding wheelchair, inquire.

  • We welcome both companion & service animals.

  • Sorry, but we cannot accommodate motorized scooters, nor motorized wheelchairs.

Question: “Will our child stroller fit safely on the pedicab with all of us also aboard” -

Answer: For most umbrella strollers, yes, on the floorboard, larger strollers, not so much.


Question: “When are your business hours?”


  • We make reservations for tours departing from 9:00am, until the evening.

  • The more notice, the better we can accommodate you.

  • We offer twilight tours departing about 1 hour before sunset; ask us why!

  • We can provide a sunset time for your tour date; inquire.

  • We strive to be flexible in accommodating you. Call us & let’s talk!

Question: “We want to book a reservation! How do we do that?"


  • It’s easy, and simple, to book:  

  • Just call us, or text us at (202)689-5511 anytime day or night.

  • Or scroll to "book a tour" here at

  • Your tour can be reserved in a few minutes, no deposit is required

  • We don’t need a credit card number.

  • We can depart on your tour anywhere around the National Mall. 

  • Or begin tour tour at your hotel, or a museum, or a metro station.

Question: “We don’t have a schedule, can we just call when we are ready to tour?”

Answer: You are always welcome to call us the same day you wish to enjoy a tour.  If we aren’t busy, we can begin your tour that same hour. If we are busy, sometimes, we can find another pedicab guide we work with. We prefer advance notice for a sightseeing tour.  The more notice, the better our availability.

Question: “What if we are running late?”

Answer: Then call or text us at (202)689-5511. If you are unable to contact us, or don’t show up by 20 minutes after the beginning of your tour departure reservation time, we will cancel your tour reservation, and send you a text message, and call you, and leave a voicemail too.  If we aren’t too busy that day, we might be able to reschedule.

Question: “What is your cancellation policy?”


  • We have an easy, no-hassle cancellation policy.   

  • We only ask that you provide as much notice as you can; call us at (202)689-5511

  • Book a tour without a deposits or credit card; pay at the end of your tour.

Question: “What happens if it rains? Do your pedicabs have canopies?”


  • Absolutely; we have canopies & umbrellas on our pedicabs to help keep you dry. 

  • We keep an eye on the weather, and will notify you of forecasted rain.

  • We will give you an opportunity to reschedule.

  • We reserve the right to cancel your tour reservation in the event of forecasted thunderstorms, or unsafe weather, at our discretion.

Question: “Where in DC can I find you? In which areas do you operate?”


  • We mostly tour around the Memorials, Capitol Hill, and Downtown, DC.

  • To begin your tour, we can suggest a good location near your sightseeing, or we can come to you anywhere around the National Mall, or Downtown DC, including the metro stations and downtown hotels.

  • We are also available for special events such as weddings, including barat weddings, parties, senior center rides, and advertising and branding events in the regional area, DC, Maryland, Virginia, and beyond.

Tour Fees

Question: "How much are your sightseeing tour fees?" - A: Our 2024 tour fees:


  • Our fees are significiantly more affordable than competing pedicab tours, and we will match or beat advertised prices for other pedicab tours.

  • 1 guest: $100 per pedicab, per hour.

  • 2 guests: $120 per pedicab, per hour ($60 per person, per hour).

  • 3 guests in 1 pedicab: $140 per pedicab, per hour ($70 per person, per hour).

  • Tour fees are pro-rated by the 1/4 hour after the first 1 & 1/2 hours, our minimum tour duration. 

  • One pedicab is available at these tour fees.  Additional pedicab guides may have higher fees.

  • One small child (or dog) rides for free (with one parent/guardian) in each pedicab.

  • Two small children (with parent/family) tour for the fee of one older guest.

  • Older children, pre-teens, and teens each count as one guest..

  • Tours are charged hourly, beginning at your tour reservation time.

  • Hourly fee charges end at the conclusion of your tour.

  • After 2024, these tour fees are subject to change without notice here.

Question: “How much time will we need?”


  • Most guests tour for 2 to 3.5 hours.

  • Some guests enjoy longer tours of 4 to 5 hours.

  • We even have a full day rate; inquire.

  • We never over book ourselves. We set aside up to 5 hours for your tour.

  • Don’t wait around for the next crowded "hop on" tour bus.

  • Instead, tour the entire Mall in our pedicabs in just a few hours.

Question: “Can you provide a receipt for my records?”


  •  Yes, by email or text. 

Question: “is it safe to tour in a pedicab?”


  • Pedicabs are the safest mode of travel in DC.

  • A pedicab is a tricycle that doesn't tip over as a bicycle can.

  • Wheel the People Pedicab Tours has never had any accidents nor incidents.

  • Our local pedicab industry has an outstanding safety record.

  • Our pedicabs are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, seat belts, tail lights, headlamps, and reflective tape.

  • We operate in busy areas around DC patrolled by dozens of police agencies. 

  • We enjoy the formal and informal use of certain sidewalk areas on the National Mall, where we ride at a brisk walking pace, as well as separated cycle tracks, & bicycle lanes.

Tour Fees
Book a tour

Book a tour

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